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If you need a Police Check, the fastest way to get one is online, and the process starts with a simple online Police Check Application Form.  Victoria is no different from other Australian States and Territories in that residents need to use an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission accredited agency to access their background check, and so wherever you live and work – the process is the same.

Our Police Check service saves your time whilst allowing you to avoid the stress of complicated paper forms and long frustrating queues!

You can get your ACIC approved Australian Police Check for only $44 for employment purposes and for volunteers, just $24.

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Who Can Complete the Online Police Check Application Form in Victoria

Anyone looking for a police history certificate will benefit from completing the online Police Check Application form because it is the most convenient option.

Whether your employer requires you to present a Police History Certificate or you’re getting one to increase your desirability to prospective employers, this is your way of getting affordable, quick and easy results.

Whether you live in Victoria or elsewhere in Australia, an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited agency will be required to access your background check.

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More About the Online Police Check

Here’s what you need to know about the Urban Verified online process for your police check.

With our Police Check service you can avoid the long queues and tedious forms by simply applying online.

In addition to the convenience of this service, you can rest assured you’re getting the most reliable and efficient service from an ACIC Approved service provider.

All you need to do to get started is complete the online Police Check Application form, you save valuable time and money, while avoiding the frustration of completing piles of paperwork and standing in queues all day.

Urban Verified Online is an ACIC accredited agency that provides an affordable and efficient service for anyone who needs to get a Police History Certificate.

This service is ideal for anyone looking to avoid the long and arduous manual application process. The online service is convenient, allowing you to fill out the application form from the comfort of your own home or wherever you choose.

You can avoid the journey to fill out the forms manually and taking time off work. In addition to being the more convenient option, the online Police check service is efficient and fast.

Anyone looking to minimise their environmental impact will be pleased to hear that completing the process online is a greener approach, cutting down on paperwork and travel.

Complete your Police Check application form now, in the quickest and most convenient way – online, by clicking on the blue button below.

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