Welcome to the Qantas Corporate Portal for Police Checks

This is a special portal for Qantas managers which makes available the Qantas recommended Police Checking online service at excellent affordable pricing with corporate discounts available for bulk purchases to pre-pay for individuals to get their police check (Pre-Paid). Alternatively, you can send a link to a staff member, contractor, or candidate where they can register for the police check at their own expense (User Paid).

See more details below:

Bulk Purchases For Qantas Members

Qantas departments can create a Corporate Account and purchase pre-paid Police Checks in any quantity from 1 to hundreds (See bulk purchase discount rates here (opens in new Tab) – Note: special Qantas pricing will be set).  Within the portal, you can then easily email out pre-paid Police Check invitations to individuals you want to get a Police Check completed.

The portal keeps track of how many invitations you’ve sent and how many have been used to register.

Corporate Purchase

Single Purchase Link

Qantas managers and HR staff wanting to get individuals to complete a Police Check on a user-pays basis can use the link below, which takes the Applicant straight to the Police Check online registration page.  Prices for individual checks are $37 incl GST for an employment Police Check.

You can also click on the one of the “Share This Link” icons to either email the link to one or more recipients or share it on social media.

Individual Purchase

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