Bankruptcy (Previous Name)

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Bankruptcy Check – Previous Name (Australia)

Bankruptcy checks for individuals are conducted on a name by name basis.  So if someone has changed their name (due to marriage or any other reason), a Bankruptcy Check on their current name may not show any results, if the proceedings occurred under their previous name.  This “Previous Name” check is designed to cover previous names of a particular individual so that organisations can check for bankruptcy under any previous name(s).

The check is a simple online bankruptcy check using information sourced from the Australian Government National Bankruptcy Register.  The report provides information about individuals (not companies) who have been subject to proceedings under the Bankruptcy Act 1966 from August 1928 to the current time, but instead of entering the individual;’s current name, their previous name is used.  If the individual has several previous names, it is recommended a separate check for each name is submitted, as each check can only cover one name.

The report includes the Date of Birth (if known), residential address and the occupation based on documents received by the official Receiver.  It also records the type of Proceeding/Administration and the Administration number and the current status of the person/proceeding, ie whether it has been discharged or not.

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