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Work Experience Verification – Australia

Students and graduates will often cite work experience on their resumes, but how do you know it’s genuine?

With our Work Experience Verification Check we manually verify the work experience the student is claiming, with directly with the individual’s work experience employer or with the work experience coordinator or relevant school liaison officer. This check is commonly used for verifying the work experience of first time job applicants.

We verify the following details:
• The Organisation that provided the individual with their work experience program
• The dates the work experience started and finished
• What Position or job title the individual held, and/or the roles they performed
• Who the individual directly reported to
• The position of the person the individual directly reported to

It should be noted that Work Experience is not deemed to include “Work For The Dole” by the Department of Employment.

$10.95 incl GST Delivery time: 3 – 5 days*

* All quoted delivery times are estimates of the number of working days required by us to provide the report in question.  These are provided as a guide only.  In many cases, we deliver the report quicker than the estimated time.  In other cases, where we are relying on third parties to provide us with information, it may take longer, particularly if individuals or organisational departments are difficult to contact or get return responses from.  As a result, Urban Verified does not offer exact time guarantees for any of our verification services.  We endeavour to keep you informed as much as we can, should there be any unexpected delays.