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Employment Verification – Australia

Up to 30% of resumes submitted for job applications have been shown to contain embellishments or other factual inaccuracies!

With our Employment Verification Check, we manually verify the quoted employment history of the individual directly with the individual’s last three employers.   This check is commonly used for verifying the employment history displayed on an applicant’s CV, across a wide-range of job categories.

We verify the following details with the HR department, or equivalent responsible officer of the employer in question, for the last three positions held:
• Organisation or company the individual was employed by
• Employment start and finish dates
• Type of employment (full-time, part-time, contractor, casual  etc.)
• Title of the position held at each organisation
• Length of time in the last position
• Who the individual reported directly  to
• Position held by the person the individual directly reported to
• Main responsibilities
• Reason for leaving
• Any restrictive covenants the individual is/was bound by under their employment contract
• The individual’s eligibility for rehire

$29.00 incl GST Delivery time: 3 days*

* All quoted delivery times are estimates of the number of working days required by us to provide the report in question.  These are provided as a guide only.  In many cases, we deliver the report quicker than the estimated time.  In other cases, where we are relying on third parties to provide us with information, it may take longer, particularly if individuals or organisational departments are difficult to contact or get return responses from.  As a result, Urban Verified does not offer exact time guarantees for any of our verification services.  We endeavour to keep you informed as much as we can, should there be any unexpected delays.