Urban Verified National Police Checks – FAQ’s

Get Your Australian Police Check

How long is a police check result valid?

There is no standard time frame that a check is valid – a police check is a ‘point in time’ check, meaning the results only reflect police records on the date that the check is released. The organisation that requires the check will typically determine the acceptable length of time and this can vary.

What is a National Police History check?

A national police history check is the process where you can find out if there are any “disclosable court outcomes” or “pending charges” listed against your name. A national police history check can also be known as a criminal history check, police clearance or a police check. The police check process involves all Australian police services.

What States of Australia does the police check cover?

Police checks are accepted throughout Australia and cover all Australian states and territories.

How do I apply for a National Police History check?

To apply for your National Police Check involves four easy steps.
1. Select the type of check you need
2. Complete the application process
3. Upload your ID documents
4. Receive your certificate

You can read more here How to apply fora National Police Check

Who Are The ACIC and What is an ACIC Accredited Agency?

ACIC means the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission which was formerly known as CrimTrac. The ACIC administers the National Police Checking Service (NPCS) and liaises with all the police administration centres in each state. Police checks are usually provided by accredited agencies of ACIC. Urban Verified is an accredited agency.

What Are The Costs of A National Police Check?

The costs of a National Police Check vary but with Urban Verified the costs are $24 for a volunteer check and $44 for an employment check otherwise known as a standard check.

How Do I pay For My Police Check?

You pay for your police check through our secure online portal which is run by Westpac secure merchant services.

How Is My Police Check Certificate Delivered?

Your National Police Check certificate will be available to you in our online portal and you may download it as a PDF certificate and then print it out on your printer.

What Ages Can Get a Police Check?

There are some age requirements for your police check. You must be over 16 years of age and anyone under the age of 18 years must have the consent of a parent, guardian or legal representative.

What ID Requirements Are There?

You will need 100 points of ID and typically you would use a Drivers License and a Passport, although there are many other ID alternatives listed on our website.

If I Need To Certify ID Documents, How Do I Do This?

If you need to get your ID documents certified, there are instructions on our website on how to do this. Read more about ID Documents

How Long Will It Take To Get My Police Check Results Back?

The time taken to get your police check certificate will depend on a variety of factors. However in 70% of cases you will receive your certificate within 1 to 2 business days of lodging your application. In other cases the check may take up to 10 days to be returned.

How Long does the Accredited Organisation hold onto my Information?

The Accredited Organisation must not retain a National Police History Check result or an Applicant’s Informed Consent for longer than twelve (12) months following release of the result, unless legislation applying to the Accredited Organisation mandates a longer document retention period.

Can a check result be used to apply for other jobs?

No. National Police History Checks (NPHC) undertaken through Accredited Organisations are for the specific purpose identified in the check request. Any police history information released is based on the purpose and category of the check for which it is lodged.

How is a police check submitted for individual's under 18?

If an individual is seeking a police check and is under 18 years of age, an application form including the informed consent form must be signed by a parent, guardian or legal representative before the police check can be processed.

Can this Police Check be used for Visa Applications/Migration to Australia/ Australian Citizenship checks?

For any Migration/Immigration Purposes for Australia, you must go through Department of Immigration and Border Protection, failure to do this will mean that the Applicant’s check will not be accepted. We Recommend that you check with the Embassy or Department from the country that you are applying for as they might have a preferred provider for police checks.

Which National Police History Checks cannot be processed in our system?

• Australian Citizenship
• Northern Territory Department Of Motor Vehicle Registration
• Business Licencing Authority Victoria
• Court officials
• Immigration
• Judges, Magistrates, Jurors, Justices of the Peace
• Matchmaking and Dating Sites
• NSW Racing
• Visa Applications
• Overseas Immigration Departments
• Personal Insurance Claims
• Police Checks For Working Overseas
• Police Recruits
• QLD Department of Commerce Real Estate/Sales Agents
• Queensland Office of Fair Trading (for Real Estate Licenses)
• Requirements for Foreign Embassies
• SA Department of Transport Driver Accreditation
• VicRoads applications
• Victorian Business Licencing Authority
• Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation
• Victorian Correctional Officer
• Victorian IVF Requirements
• Victorian Real Estate License
• Victorian Taxi Directorate