4 Easy Steps To Apply For Your National Coordinated Criminal History Check

Get Your Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check


Select which type of criminal history check you require. There are two types of Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks:

  1. Checks for commercial or employment purposes – otherwise known as a Standard Check
  2. Checks for people undertaking unpaid volunteer work or work placement. These are known as a Volunteer Check

On our registration form, you simply select which type you require.

Applying for National Police Check - Step 1


Complete the online application form and pay securely online by credit card. In order to submit your Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check, we are required to supply various details to the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checking portal.

You simply enter the required details into our easy to follow online application form. Then you complete the payment details using your credit card through our Westpac-powered secure encrypted payment system  (we do not store your credit card information). All of your personal details are encrypted using high level 256 bit encryption and advanced data security. You can save the data you input into the application form at any time and log back in when you’re ready to continue.

Applying for National Police Check Online - Step 2


The easiest way for you to provide us with your ID documents is to either scan them or take a photo with your smartphone and upload them into our online portal. If you are unable to scan or photograph the original documents you will need to provide Certified copies. If you wish to submit your ID documents to us via post you will also need to provide Certified copies.

For more information about Certified copies of ID documents click here

Apply for your National Police Check - Step 3


As soon as we receive your results through the National Police Checking Service (NPCS) portal we will immediately notify you that your certificate is ready to download as a PDF from our online portal. You can then print out your certificate on your printer or from somewhere like OfficeWorks.

Apply for your National Police Check Online - Step 4
Here is a sample Certificate: