Imagine these all-too-common scenarios:

“Mark, a medium sized business owner, finds out his Financial Controller has been making illegitimate unauthorised financial transactions, skimming money from the company through illegitimate use of petrol cards, and manipulating inventory records”

“National freight company Execs discover during an audit that there are large discrepancies between inventories of certain inwards and outgoing palleted items, and suspect that their is collusion amongst loading/unloading staff to hide theft.”

“Helen, a Health Care organisation CEO notices  that there are far too many reports and complaints of missing personal belongings of her organisation’s patients and clients, and she suspects staff are involved but where does she start, to investigate?”

These and multitudes of similar scenarios occur around Australia every week, and waste massive amounts of money for companies, and Not For Profit agencies.  But worse, those entities and their respective directors and executives are exposed to significant risk from the consequences, or potential consequences of these unlawful activities.

Whilst there is no absolute way to prevent these sorts of risks to a company, undertaking a National Police Check on all employees, and contractors is an important first step and also worth considering as an annual practice, as one part of “taking every reasonable measure” to protect the company’s assets, staff and constituents from people who may have any kind of significant criminal history.

The small cost involved in a Police Check is a minor, inconsequential expense compared to the havoc and risk exposure someone with criminal tendencies can wreak on a company.

Urban Verified can perform employment Police Checks for $55 or less for corporate bulk purchases, and $29 or less for Volunteer Checks.  The application process is simple and we have an easy Business/Corporate interface where you can quickly send out invites to employees and contractors, you want to do a Police Check.

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