At a time of a new Global Financial Crisis fraud is exploding across the social media world there are over 200 million people now leveraging the new look Linkedin site for potential employment, networking and business connectivity. It is fast becoming a locality where the truth is blurred be dishonesty and the differential between candidates has become a contest of social media extensions where the use mediums such as Facebook, Linkedin and Google allow false information to be published validating their information about identification, qualifications, credentials, memberships and work history.

The significant increase in fraud has been attributed to an enormous jump in unemployment globally where the competition for jobs has become critical for survival. At a time where honesty really should be the best policy for candidates, employers are faced with a significant increase in risk when hiring candidates relying on Linkedin profiles and CV’s without validation.

A number of major cases have surfaced recently where it was found that more than 85 % of candidates where hired without proper probity being undertaken leaving their companies significantly exposed.