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The recent case involving a Sydney ultrasound technician who groped female patients at medical clinics at Cronulla and North Sydney, highlights the importance of police checks for employees, particularly those involved in sensitive work such as this ultrasound technician was.

The 68 year old man was found guilty of groping five of his female patients and was convicted of 9 counts of aggravated indecent assault for incidents that took place during medical procedures between 2011 and 2014.

The sonographer reportedly touched the genitals of women while he was performing ultrasounds, although there was no clinical reason to do so.

Sentencing will take place on February 23rd, with each offence carrying a maximum penalty of 7 years’ jail.

An article highlighted the details of one of the assaults,

Ishak assaulted five women, including one who was having an internal vaginal examination for ovarian cysts.

She testified during the trial that the examination took more than half an hour, and that Ishak’s hand “swiped over my clitoris”.


Crown Prosecutor, David Scully described several incidents where the sonographer deliberately groped female patients during examinations. He told the jury during his opening statement that another victim claimed the man had used his fingers to “squeeze her nipples hard” during a breast examination.

After the ultrasound was completed and the alleged victim had put her clothes back on Mr Scully said 68-year-old Ishak allegedly “began to pull at both nipples … and used both hands to, as she describes it, juggle her breasts”.


Another woman was allegedly assaulted during an ultrasound on a lump in her groin. The prosecutor also detailed the assault,

David Scully said Ishak slowly moved the instrument about 15cm away from the lump and onto the woman’s vagina.

“A long way from the lump that [the victim] was sent there for,” he said.


There were more incidents that came to light during the case, making it obvious that this is was not a one time offence but the man was a serial assault offender. The sonographer has pleaded not guilty to all counts.

While there is no way to know for sure that these type of incidents will not take place, ensuring all your medical staff undergo police checks will ensure you can avoid hiring people with a criminal history.

By performing a police check for a minimal cost ($44 for employment purposes and $24 for volunteer checks), businesses can avoid a number of risks that employees with a criminal history or previous criminal tendencies can cause for a business.