Under investigation … a sample ID from the Fakies Facebook page.   11071470_643293732481131_2457994679941627208_nPolice and government authorities are investigating online fake ID stores supplying proof-of-age and other cards to Australian under-18s, who use them to buy alcohol and enter bars and clubs.  One popular site that has promoted itself through Facebook ads is Fakies.com.au, which sells a variety of cards with holograms for $60 each. The cards include NSW and Victorian fake student and proof of age cards, which list the date of birth.

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A sample ID from the Fakies Facebook page.  small1The site’s Facebook page — which has 11,805 likes — has messages from dozens of happy customers, many of whom appear to be under 18. None would speak to Fairfax Media.

“Slight backlog in orders, aiming to have them all out by Wednesday,” the Fakies page admin posted yesterday.

Neven Gajic, listed as the owner of Fakies.com.au, refused to comment to Fairfax Media unless his name was not published.

A sample NSW ID from the Fakies Facebook page.

More realistic fake NSW driver’s licences can be bought from underground black markets on the web. One was obtained by journalist Eileen Ormsby as an experiment for her blog this week.

NSW Hospitality Minister George Souris said he was “most concerned that some unscrupulous person is offering to sell fake identity cards to minors” and he had asked the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing to “investigate this without delay”.

“It is also a matter for police,” he said.

NSW Police urged people not to buy the cards as the use or possession of them could constitute a criminal offence. It could not say how many people had been caught trying to use one.

Detective Superintendent Colin Dyson, commander of the NSW Police fraud and cybercrime squad, said Fakies.com.au appeared to operate from Victoria and police had referred information regarding the site to Victoria Police.

It is understood Victoria Police are investigating but it declined to comment at this stage.

“The legality or otherwise of making, possessing and using these fake identification instruments is very much dependent on the intention of the maker and user,” said Dyson.

“If it is their intention to enter licensed premises using the cards, offences regarding the attempted entry into licensed premises may apply, depending on the jurisdiction and the local licensing laws applicable. There may even be criminal offences that may apply in certain states.”

Fakies.com.au has a notice on its site stating that its fake IDs are “strictly for novelty use”.

Detective Superintendent Dyson said the cards on Fakies.com.au, while similar to legitimate forms of identification, were not exact copies. This meant the mere production of a card as a means of ID in NSW would not in itself constitute an offence unless it attempted to be a copy of a legitimate card.

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