With the ever increasing pressures of Fraud and competition Employment roles Candidates are seeking an advantage to “Stand out from the Crowd”and give potential employers confidence in your LinkedIn Profile.

A Certified LinkedIn Profile distinguish you from other candidates who may have enhanced their profile or background by stretching the truth and adding credentials and abilities they really don’t have.   These days it’s widely accepted that many people exaggerate or misrepresent themselves on their LinkedIn profile but that has come to an end with Employers now seeking Certified Employment and Credential Checks, as well as Nationally Coordinated Criminal History, Check to ensure they minimise fraud and impacts to their Business .

The most common misrepresentations made on a LinkedIn profile relate to:

  • Education and qualifications
  • Employment history periods and gaps
  • Job title and salary
  • Duties
  • Achievements
  • Omitting important information that may reflect badly on the person.

This makes the recruitment process more challenging for employers, and they are less likely to believe everything in a person’s profile.

Urban Verified independently verifies your profile to distinguish you from your competition and take the uncertainty out of the process for potential employers.  Our verification process is globally recognised and a Positive Source Verification Service for LinkedIn Profiles.