Integrity Assess ©

Integrity Assess ©   is a web based personality test that measures fundamental personal characteristics that are important in different types of jobs. It is based on the multi-factor model of personality and integrity which is the most empirically robust and well documented approach to measuring personality and integrity traits today.

The candidate’s scores on Integrity Assess are combined to an Integrity score. With a high score, candidates are more often rated as high performers at work, both with regards to handling job tasks well, as well as being friendly and effective in their relationships at work. With a low score on IA, there is a higher risk for counterproductive work behaviours (CWB), such as tardiness or being rude.

The Integrity Assess © Work Reliability Scale can help you hire people who have the right attitude towards counterproductive behaviours, such as:

  • Absenteeism (particularly around taking sick days when they’re not really sick)
  • Theft and fraud
  • Dishonest or deceptive behaviour.
  • Rudeness

Knowing that your team has high moral and ethical values is important for any business, but it’s particularly critical if your employees have direct access to your customers’ personal data or your company’s finances. You want to trust that your people will respect your customers’ privacy and treat your company’s funds honestly.

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How can screening for work reliability improve my business?

Extensive research has shown that integrity tests can predict whether a potential employee might act unethically if hired. Integrity Assess © can enable you to screen for negative attitudes and help you hire people who have a strict attitude towards wrongdoing.

This ensures new employees are inherently less likely to:

  • Steal from your company
  • Take non-genuine sick leave
  • Commit white-collar crimes
  • Engage in inappropriate workplace behaviour
  • Turn a blind eye to co-workers engaging in such behaviour.

While all of these activities cost you money and productivity, in severe cases they mean you need to dismiss the employee and start the process of finding someone new all over again. And this is all in addition to the loss of revenue, reputation damage and myriad other consequences that can come from having just one bad egg in your organisation.

With all this in mind, it simply makes sense to use a work reliability assessment to add an extra layer of protection for your business.

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