Welcome to the Soccer Football Clubs Portal for Police Checks

This portal is for Soccer Football Clubs Nationally to have a centralised probity checking system  and service to screen Directors, Administrators, Coaches, Staff and Volunteers under the laws required for Associations and Clubs in Australia through our online verification services.

Bulk Purchases For Football Cubs Admin Use

Club Administrators can pre-pay for bulk purchase of any selection of our verification services. Within the portal, Administrators can then easily email out pre-paid Police Check invitations to individuals who are required to get a Police Check completed.

The portal keeps track of how many invitations you’ve sent and how many have been used to register.

Corporate Purchase

Single Purchase Link for Clubs

Individual can access User Paid Police Checks using the link below, which takes the Applicant straight to the Police Check online registration page.  Prices for individual checks are $38 incl GST for an employment Police Check and $18 incl GST for a Volunteer Police Check.

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Individual Purchase

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