FAQ #1:  How Long is a Police Check Valid For?

How Long is a Police Check Valid - Urban Verified

A question which is often asked is how long does a Police Check result remain valid for.

This is a fair question, because if you’ve paid for a Police Check to use for one employer, you might be wondering if you can also use that same result for multiple other employers, or potential employers. , or even for volunteering at your local soccer club or church!

Unfortunately, the nature of Police Checks doesn’t really work that way.

The national Police Check is a “snapshot”, done at one “point in time” that reflects the results, only at the point of time, and of course, in time previous to the actual date the check was performed.

So therefore there’s really no actual standard timeframe that a Check “lasts” for.

Also, the way the Police services in each State contribute to a Police Check is strongly determined by the “reason” you state for why you are seeking a police check. In other words, what is the nature of the employment, or volunteering role you are seeking.  So if you were seeking to assist in the children’s ministry of your local church, you the actual Police Department checks would be different from those if you were seeking employment as a truck driver delivering goods to a national food chain.

So in the above two cases, unfortunately you would be required to submit two different Police Check applications, and you would only be able to use the Report for the specific purpose you’ve requested it for, in order for it to be valid.

The good news is that Police Checks are quite economical through Urban Verified’s convenient online service.  Just $55 for an employment check, and $29 for a volunteer check.

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