People often ask us the question, “what states in Australia does the Police Check cover?”

This is a reasonable question given that you probably require the Police Check for work or volunteer work in a specific state or territory. The good news is that Police checks online through Urban Verified for employment or volunteer purposes are accepted throughout Australia and cover all Australian states and territories.

No matter where you live and plan to work in Australia, if you need a Police Check either for employment or volunteer purposes, the fastest way to get one is online.

The simple process begins with a no fuss online Police Check Application which makes it convenient for anyone to apply, even if you live in rural Australia.

Wherever you live, you will need to use an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited agency to access your background check such as Urban Verified– in all states and territories the process is the same.

With the Urban Verified online service, you will save the time and hassle of having to travel, stand in a long queue and fill out complicated paper forms. The online police check service saves you time while being affordable and simple.

Whether you require a Standard Check for employment purposes or a Volunteer check for volunteering purposes, you can get your ACIC approved Australian Police Check quickly and easily online through Urban Verified’s hassle-free system.

Most applicants receive their results in just one business day, no matter where they come from (Victoria, Queensland, The ACT or any other state or territory in Australia), and the cost is just $55 for employment purposes and $29 for volunteers.

For all applicants, the process is the same:

  1. Choose the appropriate check – Standard for employment purposes or Volunteer check.
  2. Register – Complete the application form online.
  3. Provide your ID check- Either scan or take a photo and upload your ID.
  4. Download- Receive notification that your Police Check is ready and then download.

Apply for a National Police Check from any state in Australia