If you’re asking the question, “what are the costs of a National Police Check?”, you will first have to understand the different police checks available depending on why you require the police check.

There are 2 checks available online through Urban Verified, an ACIC accredited agency and while costs vary with different agencies, we offer an affordable and convenient option as follows:

  1. The Standard Check for employment purposes costs $55.
  2. The Volunteer Check for volunteering purposes costs $29.

Whether you require a police history check for a potential employment opportunity, or if you’re the employer requiring a background check for recruitment of new employees, the online police check service offered by us is the fastest way of doing so affordably.

Everything is completed online, including the application and ID verification which saves you the hassle of annoying queues and long paper forms. The convenience of the online police check Get your National Police Check Online today!is unrivalled and because we have direct access to the Federal Police checking systems, 70 percent of results are returned in one day.

For companies and not-for-profit organisations, the cost of the National Police Checks for prospective employees and volunteers can save enormous amounts of money, given that entities and
their directors and executives are exposed to a significant amount of risk from the results of unlawful activities by employees and volunteers.

In some volunteering positions, the background check is mandatory, for example, some organisations may have funding agreements with the government that require volunteers to produce a police check. Also, volunteers working with vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly are required to have a police check.

While the Urban Verified police checks cost $29 for volunteering purposes and $55 for employment purposes, corporate bulk purposes can be arranged for less. We also offer a no fuss Business/Corporate interface which can simply and quickly send out invites to employees and contractors to initiate a Police Check.

Although there is no definite way to ensure your employees do not commit unlawful activities, undertaking a National Police Check on all employees, contractors and volunteers is a useful way of protecting the company, directors, management, staff and constituents from individuals with a significant criminal history.

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