You may have heard of a National Police Check or been asked to provide a National Police Check certificate by a prospective employer or organisation where you plan to volunteer but aren’t sure what it is, here we answer the questions, “What Is a National Police Check?” and how can I get one?Get a National Police Check Online

Sometimes called a Criminal Background Check, a National Police History Check is a process where you can find out if there are any “dis-closable court outcomes” or “pending charges” listed

against your name. You can then print the certificate to present for employment or volunteering purposes.

National Police History Checks can also be known as police clearance, criminal history or police checks.

There are 2 types of polices checks available to choose from, depending on what you require it for?

  1. The Standard Check for commercial or employment purposes. This check is for prospective employees who have been requested to submit a background check prior to employment or for organisations seeking criminal checks on employees or potential employees. Conducting police checks is useful in helping companies protect the business’ assets, employees and constituents from individuals with a criminal history.
  2. The Volunteer Check for individuals undertaking unpaid volunteer work or work placement such as at churches or other not-for-profit organisations. It is common that organisations will request this certificate if the individual will be working with people in vulnerable positions such as children or the elderly, working in financial positions or be involved in driving duties. Some organisations may require a Volunteer Check for all volunteers as part of a funding agreement with government.

The national police check process involves all Australian police services and our Australian Police Checks are ACIC (formerly CrimTrac) accredited.  Due to the direct access Urban Verified has to the Federal Police checking systems, we are able to return most results (70 per cent) within a business day.

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Get a National Police Check Online