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Qualifications and experience are built over time and through hard work; but if they can’t be verified, they might as well not exist – and that’s not good for employers or applicants. We make employment screening and background checks easy, leaving you free to build trust and grow honest working relationships.

Prompt Employment & Qualification Checks

Be assured in your new team member with our cost-effective checks, giving you the freedom of hiring confidently without the fuss.

  • Verify employment history, memberships and qualifications
  • We utilise 100% validated and authorised sources ensuring no fake references
  • Jobseekers – this is the perfect initiative to enhance trust in your CV and authenticate your own employment background.

Fast, Easy, Affordable

Simply complete the applicants details and our dedicated team will do the hard work behind the scenes.

We’ll work our magic authenticating employment history, references, qualifications and professional memberships,  you’ll receive the results as soon as they are available.

Legitimate Informants ONLY

Urban Verified are employment screening leaders because our sources are of the highest standards.  We only accept information from official contacts that have been approved through strict processing criteria.

Our informants are legitimate education institutes, HR contacts, Government authorities and original sources, producing only accurate and reliable information.

We’re Worldwide

Our mission is to make your life easier, so Urban Verified are worldwide! Build confidence wherever you are.  Our employment background checks are fast, efficient and cost-effective.

Our results are securely delivered online so you can share them as you please.

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