Employer Checks

Verify applicant or employee backgrounds to ensure you get the right employee.  We’ll check for any fraudulent claims and other red flags that may affect their application and suitability for your organisation.  Effective employee screening can help reduce long-term recruitment and replacement costs as well as improve productivity.  The process involves checking and verifying a person’s identity, qualifications, employment history, financial holdings, credit scores, driving history, criminal record, database and media searches.  It goes beyond the traditional referee check by verifying the claims made in an application and any information provided by a referee.

That various checks that can be included in the verification report include:

Employment history validation 

Employment history validation can be important to ensure that a person’s indicated level of expertise is accurate. An employment history check will contact previous employers to ascertain positions held, dates of employment, responsibilities and reveal any potential discrepancies.

Qualification and credential validation  

Qualification and credential validation is important to ensure that a person’s indicated level of education is accurate, particularly if a specific qualification is required for legal or compliance purposes. A qualification and credential check will confirm the qualification/s that the person obtained as well as attendance and graduation dates with the relevant institute/s. Any discrepancies will be highlighted.

Directorship and significant shareholding search  

A directorship check can be conducted to not only avoid any conflicts of interest arising due to a person’s directorships or significant shareholdings, but to also gain further insight into past experience. A search of the Australian Securities Investment Commission database will be undertaken to obtain any relevant directorship and significant shareholder information.

Criminal history search  

A criminal history may indicate that a person is unsuitable for specific roles. A criminal history search will reveal any court outcomes or current investigations relating to criminal and traffic prosecutions Globally.

Bankruptcy check  

A history of bankruptcy may indicate that a person is unsuitable for specific roles. The UrbanVerified bankruptcy check can advise if a person has been declared bankrupt either through an application from creditors or through self-nomination.

Basic credit check 

A credit check can provide insight into a person’s responsibility and reliability. A basic credit check investigates whether the person has been involved in any bankruptcy proceedings or other financial litigation.

Anti-money laundering check 

An anti-money laundering check can be crucial to mitigating reputational and regulatory risk. Searches will be performed on all relevant national and international databases to reveal any associations to money laundering, terrorist organisations or politically exposed persons.

100 point + ID check 

ID totalling 100 or more points will be sighted to verify a person’s identity by confirming their full name, date of birth and current address.