Nationally Coordinated Criminal History and Verification Checks for APHA

Urban Verified understands the risks your business is exposed to through employees, contractors, directors, and consultants who may have criminal or otherwise inappropriate backgrounds, or may be mis-representing themselves through their resume, qualifications, or LinkedIn profile.  To assist overcome this challenge we aim to bring you the best in International Probity Assurance.

Whether you’re an employer looking to hire staff, a business owner looking to verify provided information or check on the business integrity of potential stakeholders or partners, etc., Urban Verified provides a wide range of local and international security and verification checks to help you in your assessment process.

We Provide Nationally Coordinated Criminal History and International Police Background Checks & a Range of Other Verification Services – see below

Nationally Coordinated Criminal History & International Police Checks
Quick And Easy Criminal Background Checks
Just $37.50 For Employment Purposes, And $19 For Volunteers


Fast and Efficient online process so you can avoid paper forms, long queues or waiting for documents in the Post.

70% of applications receive same-business-day results*

We have direct access to the Federal Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checking systems so most results are returned within one business day.

We use a 100% online system, including ID Verification – just scan or take Smart Phone photos of ID and upload to our online portal.

Our Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks are ACIC (formerly CrimTrac) accredited and use advanced 256-bit encryption and security so you can be sure:

  • you get a complete and accurate history check
  • your details are safe and secure
  • your privacy is protected

Our online Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check system is simple and easy-to-follow.
1. Choose Volunteer or Employment Check
2. Register with all required details
3. Provide 100 Point ID check with required uploads
4. Download Your Certificate when received

Employment and Qualification Verification

For employers or business owners seeking verification on potential staff or business partners, or job seekers looking to verify qualifications and experience, Urban Verified employment and qualification checks are designed to make the employment screening process as effective and efficient as possible.

Employment and Qualification Verification Checks
Qualifications and experience are built over time and through hard work; but if they can’t be verified, that’s not good for employers or applicants.

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LinkedIn Profile Verification

Through our Certified LinkedIn Profile Verification process, candidates seeking employment will be able to stand out from the crowd and enhance their profile with attractive and authoritative credentials, avoiding profile fraud and being skipped by employers.

LinkedIn Profile Verification
Stand out from the crowd and give potential employers confidence in your LinkedIn Profile.

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Traffic and License Checks

If you’re the holder of a non-current license or are an employer seeking driving history, our traffic and license checks are designed to assist both employees and employers attain driving credibility for a number of vehicles. Drivers can avoid prosecution and employers can avoid risk of liability.

Traffic & Licence Checks
A non current drivers license or a poor license history is a risk to both individuals and companies.

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Financial and Business Checks
Get your financial, management, and licensing checks with Urban Verified and reduce any potential risks to your business. Ensure yours or your potential business partner’s business is fully licensed, financed, and operating legally.
Financial and Business Checks
Urban Verified’s financial and business checks can help you identify conflicts of interest or other employment risk factors.

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Tenancy Screening Checks
Let our team of professionals complete your tenant reference checks.

Protect your company and your landlords and make your life easier by ensuring your new tenants do not have criminal or other inappropriate backgrounds

Tenancy Screening Checks
Our fast and flexible online service gives you complete freedom to choose which checks to conduct and who pays for them.

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Integrity Assessment Checks
Find out whether your job candidates are the kind of people you want to work with. Integrity Assess©  is a web based personality test that measures fundamental personal characteristics that are important in different types of jobs.
Integrity Assessment Checks
Integrity Assess © is a web based personality test that measures fundamental personal characteristics that are important in different types of jobs.

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